Loving Melbourne right now

Loving Melbourne right now

I love being in Melbourne this time of year!  Like most Melbournian’s, I hibernate abit over winter.  We all get a little bit grumpier and down in the dumps.  And come August, it feels like the winter is never going to end.  But then… footy finals start, we get a couple of sunny days splashed through-out the grey winter skies and then daylight saving starts! This time of year just puts a spring in my step.  The change in weather, the longer days, the atmosphere of AFL Grand Final (well done Tiges!) and then the spring racing carnival kicks in.  Before you know it, we are starring down the barrel of summer BBQ’s, backyard cricket and (hopefully) a few days laying in the sun on the beach.

Unashamedly, this month’s blog has nothing to do with plumbing.  Instead I am going to indulge in my favourite things to do around Melbourne.  Love to hear some of your favourite activities too…

Melbourne’s best….

  1. A hidden gem near our house – a Sunday afternoon walk around Lysterfield lake. The kids love all the wildlife and it is always pretty quiet.  Some days we can walk some of the tracks without seeing another person.
  2. Vic Markets – we spend a bit of time getting our weekly fruit and vegetables at the Vic Market. We park down the other end of town near Southbank, and walk through all the laneways in the city, up to the market.  Make sure we have lunch (always a Borek) and then wander back through town.  We stop at Haig’s for an afternoon treat and when I need it, find a Barber for a great haircut!
  3. Point Nepean National Park – a great day trip. Just past Portsea is Point Nepean National Park.  We take a backpack with abit of lunch and then walk all the way to the point, stopping at all the landmarks along the way.
  4. Caulfield Cup – I love a day out at the races, but find Flemington too busy. My wife and I often head to Caulfield Cup instead.  It is a great day to get a few friends together, get dressed up and have a fun day out.  That being said, Caulfield Cup is also getting pretty busy too, so maybe look for a low-key country event.
  5. Scotchman Creek trail. If we get a full day off (which is rare in our house with weekend kids sport).  We like to jump on our bikes and follow the Scotchman trail into the city.  Once we get to the city, the kids love to play at the park at Birrarung Marr  and then we find something to eat in Fed Square.  Finally, we jump on a train and cruise out of the city for the short ride back home.

There you go.  Five of my favourite activities, at this time of year.  None cost much money (unless you like to bet, in which case Caulfield Cup could be a costly day!).  But what they are is just great places to visit that let me hang out with family and friends and relax.

Enjoy the warmer weather!



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