Kitchen, laundry and bathroom trends

Kitchen, laundry and bathroom trends

2018 Trends

We have stumbled into the final week of 2017!  Albeit feeling abit hot, bothered and under the pump to finish all the last-minute jobs before Christmas.  It is a good time to look forward and see what lies ahead.  To that end, as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018, I did abit of “googling” to find out what is touted as the big trends to watch out for in 2018.



Two-tone kitchen cabinetry appears to be gaining more popularity.  But keep it simple up-top!  Minimal upper cabinetry is thought to help contribute to the wide, open-planning living that continues to be on-trend.

Appliances that have inbuilt technology will continue to grow in popularity.  With many kitchens now the meeting place/study/dinning space in houses, their versatility in use will continue to expand.  Further, concealing appliances within cabinetry to create a seamless look in the kitchen is another option for making the kitchen, less “kitchenie”!

Finally, the matt black and chromes of 2017 appear to be fading in popularity with polished brass and chrome on the way back in.  And this, for me is the timeliest reminder.  If you do decide to update, think about picking pieces that you believe will last through trends.  It is unlikely that many of us can afford an update every other year, as trends change.  However, if our big-ticket items are timeless, then we can update with cheaper accessories.  Easy updates include pictures on the wall, tea towels and coloured cooking utensils.



Bathrooms that are designed to feel like a sanctuary are all the go.  So, to get away from our hustle, bustle, busy lives, create a bathroom that you can relax in and feel like you are at a day spa.    Freestanding bathtubs make this look possible.  And, it is now a lot easier to source freestanding bath tubs at a reasonable price.

Just like the kitchen, the black matt tapware is going out and being replaced with the polished brass and chrome.  The stark white bathroom is also on the out and to create that day spa feel, mixing in natural tones like stone and wood is on-trend.

Having completed our bathroom reno this year we mixed in wood accessories (i.e. stools, plant pots and soap tray).  This earthy feel could also be achieved quite cheaply through laying some rattan natural tone rugs on the floor.

In the shower, the spilt handheld/fixed shower rose will continue to grow in popularity because of their utility.  Finally the luxe look of the frameless shower screens will continue to be popular in the day-spa feel bathroom.



Depending on your space, the laundry trends appear to be going either way.  If you are low on room, then during a renovation, converting the laundry to another usable space is still big.  This means considering a European-style laundry.

Alternatively, if you have more room, upgrading the laundry to a multi-purpose space is an option.  Think of the mudroom/utility rooms popular in the US.  This space becomes much more than an area to wash your clothes.  It is designed with storage in mind, and the big busy family.  There should be areas for shoes, coats, umbrella and kids school bags etc.  Finally, in the laundry energy efficient appliances are the go (as with other rooms in the house).  And so, if you are planning an update, try to include abit extra and opt for energy efficient products.


That is a really quick update on what appear hot in 2018 for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.  But more importantly, I really just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy festive period.  I also want to say thank-you from everyone at Upkeep Plumbing for supporting our family-run business in 2017.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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