Trade-people’s health – look after the number 1 asset

Trade-people’s health – look after the number 1 asset

The Australian Physiotherapy Association have launched a campaign that focuses attention on trades peoples health.  The campaign has been running for a couple of years now and extends over the month of August.  Coming to the end of August, it is a great reminder to look after the health and well-being of our most valuable asset – our people.

Working in plumbing industry is not without risk.  This campaign was started by the APA because “1 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve trades people.”   We priorities the health and well-being of our plumbers in a number of ways:

  1.  Eat well and exercise
  2.  Ask for help when lifting heavy items
  3. Book a regular appointment with a health professional to work-out the aches and pains
  4.  Always stop and think before you act.
    1. Is there an easier way of doing things?
    2. Or is there a safer way of doing things?
  5.  Value your health over work
    1. This means that sometimes our plumber’s will delay works if the environment isn’t safe.  For example, we don’t work on roof’s when the weather is really poor!

We are aware  the final point can be annoying and disrupting for our customers.  But it is only on very rare occasions that we need to reschedule.  And, we would prefer to reschedule than have an accident at your home!

Accidents for home renovator…

We prioritize the health of our trade people and we encourage you to prioritize your health too.  Did you know that in 2013/2014 over 3000 people were hospitalised due to accidents in the home?  The most common reason was falling (i.e from a ladder) or contact with tools and machinery.    So for us in thinking about Tradie’s Health Month, we are also thinking about the health of you, our customers.  We know everyone loves a great DIY job, but just as we must take precautions with our work, if you are going to do-it-yourself, make sure you prioritize your health too.

This is especially important as we get older with most of the hospitalisations cited above relating to men aged 55-74.


So as this years Tradie’s Health Month comes to a close, we appreciate the reminder to look after our health but also encourage those “tradies” at home, to look after your health too!


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