We’re going paperless (sort of!)

We’re going paperless (sort of!)

This month marks a new era for Upkeep Plumbing.  We are going paperless…well we are working towards it anyway!
We have been wanting to do this for some time but we were concerned about how some of our customers might take this.  We pride ourselves on being an age-friendly plumbing company and many of our customers prefer to deal in cash and receive a paper invoice.  Because of this, we are slowly working to move towards paperless invoicing and payment services, however we are going to be flexible and continue to offer paper-based invoicing to those people who request it.

Admittedly this is not only a shift for some of our customers, but us too!  I am a plumber first and foremost and moving to this system (paperless) is going to be a new learning experience for me too.  We are trialing this at the moment to see how it goes and make sure that we fix all the glitches before we roll it out on our customers.



Why are we doing this?  Well there is a couple of reasons:

  1. Time – With paper-based invoices we spend a lot of time entering data two or more times into different software applications. Going paperless means that I spend less time on a computer and more time with my kids when I finish work.
  2. Waste – I look my filing cabinet and the mountain of paper that build up through all the various companies sending bills, invoice, purchase orders and it seems such a waste. The paper makes our office feel cluttered and busy and I like the idea of a streamlined system.
  3. Environment – through plumbing I understand the scarcity of water of this earth and the small contribution we can make to leaving this planet in a better position for our children.  To be honest I am less familiar with the process of making paper, but acknowledge the environmental footprint it has.  As such, this is our small contribution to being more aware and using technology to lessen our environmental impact.


This is going to be a nice challenge for our business and I encourage our customers to come on this journey with us.  Help keep me accountable for this change!

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