Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

& Hot Water Heaters

And 5 things that can go wrong with them

Even we plumbers rely on constant, flowing high quality hot water. Also, Upkeep Plumbing installs hot water heater systems for you. Likewise, we can also recommend new and reliable hot water systems for your home or business. Or we can service your old one (usually yearly).

Just like most machines with moving parts, hot water systems need maintenance. Maintenance is important anywhere where water is involved. Rust and erosion are big problems. If you are in a hard water area, you may need to call a plumber more than once per year.

  • Yearly full service (typically)
  • Twice a year if you have hard water
  • Test temperature & pressure release valve 3 x per year*

*That last point can be done by yourself.

Regular maintenance of any hot water system will dramatically reduce the likelihood of an emergency breakdown or repair. Also, regular maintenance is usually cheaper than one big emergency.

very old hot water systems need TLC

Very old system

If your water heater is really old, we recommend installing a new one. There’s no use servicing a hot water system that needs throwing away.

We are familiar with the following brands;

and are always happy to check out / look at new ones.

Furthermore, you might even be eligible for a government rebate for your hot water system.

Types of hot water systems

Instantaneous Hot Water

A.k.a. Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters

A gas flame heats your water. Continuous Flow Heaters are small hot water heaters that do not store any hot water. A copper pipe coil (heat exchanger) is wrapped around a large gas flame.

Electric Storage

Twin or single element hot water heaters. The element/s continually heat the water throughout the day and night as required.

Gas Storage

An insulated tank is used for storing and heating hot water. The heavy insulation allows heated water to stay hot for days. Water can be heated by any of the above means (solar, heat pump etc.).

Hot Water Heaters

& what can go wrong with them

fancy water saving shower heads are no good if your hot water heater isn't workingI’ve done it, Have you?

Ever hopped into the shower only to find the water is cold? Your water hot water system is actually no longer working. Or it might be taking longer than usual to heat up?

5 things that can go wrong with your hot water system;

1. The pilot light has gone out

Nice and simple to fix. Check the water heater to see if your pilot light is still on. You might need to get down on all fours as some of the pilot light windows are close to the ground. Sometimes it is well hidden.

If the pilot light on your hot water system is out, all you need to do is light it! You might need t look up the instruction manual or do what I do – search for the hot water system brand on your ipad or phone.

2. Gas hot water heaters

The problem with Gas is that the flow is only as good as the pipe. It can be hard to find a leak in the gas line.

If you can smell something funny, then you will need to call us. We don’t want you blowing up when you’re still getting over a lukewarm shower experience.

3. The Heating Element

Sediment can build up over time. This can happen on your heating element or at the bottom of the thot water tank itself. This makes your hot water heater inefficient and unable to deliver hot-enough water. The element could need replacing.

Obviously if the tank is the problem (usually rust) it will cost more to fix and you might need to replace the water heater.

One way to delay sediment build up is to soften hard water with an agent or reduce the running temperature of your water heater to belwo 130°C

4. Your Hot Water Thermostat

This is the little knob on your heater where you can adjust the water temperature. In the summer months, where you don’t need scalding hot water, it’s a good idea to turn the thermostat down (saves a bit of money too).

from time to time, these things too may need to be replaced. The part itself is fairly cheap at around $10 to $30.

5. Gas Control Valve

The gas control valve can fail in a gas storage hot water unit.

This particular part acts as the brains of the unit, allowing gas to pass through to the burner to light up and heat the water. It is normal for this part to fail over time.

Upkeep Plumbing Service

Your entire home plumbing system is an investment which will last many years to come. Things break and over time they will need to be replaced. Using the best quality plumbing materials and know-how is the best way to prevent major issues happening furthe down the path.

Upkeep Plumbing provides a complete plumbing service. We will come to you with a no-obligation, free quote.

Our price includes;

  • all fittings/materials required to complete work
  • same day removal/disposal of the old hot water unit
  • installation of the new system.

upkeep drain pipeOnly the best plumbing products

Finally, we will supply you with a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (see our Professional Plumbing Standards page). This means you can rest assured that our work is certified to Melbourne plumbing rules and regulations.

Put your trust in a professional Melbourne plumber. Upkeep Plumbing can service all electrical and gas hot water systems.

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