Professional Plumbing Standards

Professional Plumbing Standards

Plumber Registration in Victoria

In Victoria, a plumber must be registered or licensed to do professional plumbing work. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is responsible for issuing a professional plumbing license. In Victoriaq, plumbers need a license before they can legally do any plumbing work.

Plumbers typically apply for professional plumbing registration after completing a Certificate III in Plumbing. They also need 4 years of on the job experience.

Plumber Licenses in Victoria

To obtain a professional plumbing licence you need to complete a Certificate IV in Plumbing.

Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations 2008 define eight main classes of plumbing work as:

  1. Drainage
  2. Fire Protection
  3. Gasfitting
  4. Irrigation (Non-agricultural)
  5. Mechanical Service
  6. Roofing (Stormwater)
  7. Sanitary
  8. Water Supply

Successful completion of further assessment in any of the eight classes of plumbing work is what makes a plumber . . . well – a pro plumber!

Professional Plumbing

The primary difference between a registered plumber and a licensed plumber is determined by:

  • All licensed plumbers are required to hold a certain minimum level of insurance
  • Licensed plumbers are required to provide certificates of compliance for specific plumbing works if carried out in Victoria.

Registered Plumber

A registered plumber must work under the supervision of a licensed plumber when a certificate of compliance needs to be issued.

Plumbers’ Certificate of Compliance

A certificate of compliance certifies that the work carried out by the licensed plumber complies with Victoria’s prescribed plumbing standards.

Consumers can access further information about plumbing requirements on the VBA website.

All Upkeep Plumbing Plumbers are:

  • licensed & insured
  • working with children checked
  • white card holders (induction to construction industry)
  • engaged in life-long learning (e.g. re-fresher courses in Carbon Monoxide testing).

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