Getting Personal with Glenn the Plumber

Getting Personal with Glenn the Plumber

Interview with a Plumber

An in-depth Expose

In this month’s blog we decided to go behind the scenes with our licensed plumber-Glenn. This is the guy you will be inviting into your home to rectify your plumbing issues, so we thought we’d share a bit about him.

Thanks for chatting today Glenn, can you tell our clients a bit about yourself?

Sure no problem. So I grew up in country Victoria and moved to Melbourne when I was about 25. The only reason I moved was because it was really difficult to get work in the country, so a family friend who was working at Crown Casino suggested I apply for a job there. I met my now wife while working at the Casino and we ended up moving to the Gold Coast together soon after and spent 10 years there.

When our first child came along decided to move back to Melbourne because our families are all still living down here.

So how did you get into Plumbing then if you started out at the Casino?

Well I completed a mature-age apprenticeship.

My wife and I did a real 360 in our life once we had our son. When we moved back to Melbourne I didn’t want to keep working every weekend and all night in an office environment. I come from a family of tradies and grew up bricklaying with my Dad, so I decided what I really wanted was to work with my hands and learn a useful skill (pauses and smiles). Although my casino days came in handy when I went to Las Vegas!

I was lucky enough to start a plumbing apprenticeship pretty much straight after moving back home.

Tell me abit more about Las Vegas that sounds fun.

Going to Las Vegas was a dream of mine, a place I always wanted to visit. I ended up going for a week for my 40th birthday. It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. Everything is just so big and over the top. Just a crazy place.

Sounds like quite a place. So when you’re not holidaying in Vegas what do you usually do with your spare time?

Haha, Vegas was definitely not the norm for me. My weekends are spent at kids’ sports these days. My son plays cricket in summer and soccer over winter, so I generally try and get along to watch and help out where I can. My daughter will probably start a sport this year too, so that’ll mean more taxi driving for me.

What about you though? When the kids sport is done, what do you get up to?

Well I still play cricket, so most Saturday arvo’s are spent on the cricket pitch and on Sunday’s we like to head into the Vic Market. We wander through the city, buy some lunch at the market and then stock-up on our fresh fruit and veggies for the week. I love cooking flathead tails on a Sunday night for tea and they are so cheap at the Vic Markets, and fresh too.

Would you say that cooking is a secret skill of yours then?

Ahh probably not! My repertoire is pretty limited, I can do the flathead tails, home-made schnitzels and a pretty good BBQ. But that is about it.

The schnitzel’s sound good.

Yes, a bit of a family tradition. It was one of the things my dad use to make all the time, now it generally something that I make for my family and my sisters make for their families too.

I’ll have to try them one day, they sound great. So we are running out of time and I know you need to get back out there. To finish tell me something about yourself that not too many people would know.


Wow that’s a tough one, I am a pretty open book, so don’t have too many secrets.

Umm, well I guess a talking point when I meet new people is the burns I have on my arms and legs. When I was about 6 months old I was in one of those walkers on wheels and I pulled a hot kettle over myself. I have 3rd degree burns on my arm, stomach and thigh. I was pretty lucky though; I spent a bit of time in hospital but am completely fine now.

As you can imagine, I am now completely overprotective when it comes to my kids and boiling water on the stove or in the kettle.

Wow, you were lucky.


Well thanks for talking to us today Glenn and sharing a bit about yourself.

No problem it was fun!

Hope it was fun for you readers, too 🙂

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