gas bottle for bbqCheck Your Gas bottle

Spring is in the air! The trees are starting to sprout their first buds of the season, AFL footy finals are just round the corner (not for us though- as a dedicated, but frustrated, Demon’s supporters) and a bit more sunshine at the end of the day. Spring also means the start of BBQ season in Melbourne and there are a couple of quick checks you should do to make sure your BBQ is in good working order before you crank it up again for the warmer months.

Check all the connects and fittings

Conduct a visual inspection of the BBQ and gas bottle to make sure there are no obvious signs of damage to any of the fittings, connections or hoses. If there is, make sure to have this repaired before using the BBQ

Remove the grill and clean all the elements

If you haven’t used your BBQ in awhile it is a good idea to clean all the gas elements to make sure they are free from lint, dirt, cobwebs or a build-up of dust. Any build-up of waste materials can reduce the performance of your BBQ and can also be a fire hazard.

Check the gas bottle is in good condition

Make sure you obtain your gas bottle from a reputable supplier and ensure it has been tested recently and is in good working order. Do not re-fill and old gas bottle – “a gas cylinder must not be refilled if it has not been tested for over 10 years or if the cylinder has been damaged” (Source – Energy Safe Victoria, BBQ safety. Access online 24.8.2015).

Make sure there are no leaks in the gas hose or connection

Start by checking the connections and tighten them if loose..  You can check for a gas leak by filling a small water bottle with soapy water (i.e. a mix of household detergent and water is fine) and spraying it on the connections. If you notice bubbles forming, turn the gas off immediately and contact a licensed gas-fitter.

Energy Safe Victoria has released a video demonstrating the soapy water test and other great BBQ tips. You can view the video here.


So welcome Spring and enjoy the BBQ season safely!