Melbourne Weather

Melbourne Weather

The weather has turned in Melbourne!

Wow! Up until this week we had been spoilt with some unseasonably mild weather for this time of year. But the wind, rain and cold days have been a sharp reminder that the change in weather is certainly here.

The shocking weather this week has been the inspiration for this month’s blog and I thought I would share my views on what the cold Melbourne weather means for your local plumber . . .

1. Roof leaks and overflowing Gutters

I can always guarantee that after a night like last night, I will get calls about gutters and roofs. Unfortunately, after the fact, we are normally in repair mode. If you had no problems last night, great! But can I suggest you spend just 5 minutes checking your gutters are clear of any debris and there are no obvious cracks in roof tiles or that the tiles have moved in the storm. This preventative maintenance can help to make sure the next time we get wild weather; you’ll again be saved the day-after emergency call.

2. Plot lights

Occasionally the windy weather can cause the pilot light in a hot water unit to go out. It is generally a simple activity to re-light the pilot light and many hot water units do have instructions on the side to help people do this themselves. However, it can be a step that home owners overlook when checking a unit in terrible weather.

3. Storm water blockages

with the increasing flow of water that can often happen with big downpours and storms, a blockage in a storm water drain can become a big issue. Depending on where the blockage is, it can cause water to back up and overflow in many areas and cause flooding. Prevention is the best cure in this scenario and if you notice water being slow to escape in good weather or small overflow of the drain in relatively mild rain, this can be a sign that there may be a blockage. Ensure you have these little signs checked early to avoid bigger hassles later on.

The change in weather also means that the gloves, thermals and vests come out for me – some days it can be pretty cold digging outside in a cold, wet garden to fix a plumbing problem. I do love the home owners that offer a hot cup o’ tea at this time of year . . .

Rug up Melbourne!

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