This March has been unseasonably warm. Consecutive days of 34 degrees is unheard of in mid-March.  Recent reports suggest we have only had 0.4mm of rain fall this month. Most people think about weather and the impact on plumbing when the weather is poor. Poor weather brings heavy rain.  Gutters and drains back-up, overflow and cause all sorts of problems.

But what about extreme hot weather and lack of rain? Does that cause similar problems? Well the short answer is yes.  But the results are probably not as obvious and will only come to your attention if you are completing regular inspections of your home.

Changes in weather can cause the ground to expand and contract.  This can cause extra stress on pipes that run underground. Further, trees roots will aggressively seek out water in drought like conditions, including water that is running through pipes underground. Any burst to an underground pipe may not be immediate obvious, but a clear give away is a wet patch in otherwise bone-dry lawn or dirt. Secondly, regularly checking your water meter will show if a leak has occurred. The water meter will continue to click over when all the taps are turned off and no water is running in and around the house.

Exposed pipes around the house and ones that are exposed to the weather are also at risk of damage overtime. This is particularly the case for plastic pipes that can become brittle and crack. This is relatively rare nowdays because most outdoor piping, such as copper, is highly resistant to the weather. However, getting into the habit of completing a regular maintenance check around your home will help you address any progressive issues early.

Finally, shifting foundations/movement in the house. In really extreme dry weather house foundations can shift. This small movement can cause extra pressure on the plumbing inside and under your house, so if you do notice any movement in your house overall structure it is good to get this checked and rectified.

When all is said and done, simple, regular maintenance and inspections around the home are likely to expose any problems with the excessive dry. And if you find a major problem, just gives a call. Go on, have a look,….all good? Then go enjoy this last fling of nice weather before Autumn really hit ☀️☀️☀️