Even Plumbers Get Blocked Drains

How do you think that feels?

I am not sure this title is completely accurate but it does describe what happened in our house this week. Maybe the title should be “Don’t assume your wife will believe you when you say pouring fat down the sink will block it” or “Apparently my mother-in-law knows more about plumbing than me!”

Blocked Drain Scenarios

Even plumbers can end up with blocked drains!

Let me back-up and explain.

Over the years I have attended numerous call-outs where customers have attempted to wash food/fat or other (ew) stuff down the kitchen sink and it hasn’t worked. When the sink blocks I get the call to come, undo the P-trap and clear the drain out. I always advise customers to try and avoid washing things down the sink and instead, empty it into the bin.
Silly of me really, but I assumed my wife would know this too.

So when I came home after a rather long day and found our sink blocked, I was perplexed. My wife insisted she hadn’t put anything down there. I attempted to plunge it first but that didn’t work, so I undid the P-trap.’ When I took it apart it was completed blocked with fat.’ Turns out my wife had been cooking dinner and had attempted to drain the fat off the saucepan by pouring it into a cup.’ Some of the fat missed the cup but went down the sink.’ My wife told me that “this is fine, you just run the hot water so the fat doesn’t set. That’s what mum does.”

Really? It’s fine?! The fat won’t set!?

So I grabbed a knife and dug the fat out of the P-trap, cleaned it out and then dutifully put it back together.

My wife is a lovely cook and so is my mother-in-law but I would suggest their thinking on this one is flawed, or at best, a bit of gamble. My parting suggestion to my wife, “probably best not to empty hot fat near the sink.”

I should probably give that same advice to my mother-in-law too!

Actually no.

As you were.