Who doesn’t love a long weekend?  It is a great time to get those slightly bigger plumbing jobs done that you just don’t have time to do on a regular weekend.  The extra day just makes all the difference, provided you plan early and map out what you want to get done.  I prefer to use specialist plumbing retailer for all my fittings and fixtures.  They have a much better variety of stock and in some cases I think the quality is better too.  The only downside is, they are old-school and close by lunchtime on Saturday.  So, if I haven’t got everything I need before lunch, I’m in trouble for the rest of the weekend!

In Melbourne, the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is our last one for quite a while and we used it to get a few of those bigger jobs done.

Below is a list of the jobs we save for a long weekend:

Replace rusted guttering

This is one of those jobs that is never really urgent.  You’ve got some rust on the gutters, it’s not going anywhere, but it’s just one of those things that never gets to the top of your ‘To Do’.  I replaced the gutters on our old aluminium garage this weekend.  It was a relatively straight forward job.  You replace the external brackets and the length of gutter just sits on the brackets.  I saved this for a long weekend because  you need some help holding the gutter up, as it can be abit awkward.

The picture up the top shows you what can happen to your gutters when you don’t clean them out.  They start growing and then they rust through!


Replace rusted roofing

My old aluminium garage also had a few rusted roof sheets.  The whole roof didn’t need to be replaced but I did replace 3 sheets.  I took the opportunity to replace the aluminium with Perspex sheeting to let abit more light in.  I purchased the sheets to size, so I didn’t need to do any cutting and used a pop rivet to secure the new sheets.


Replace the washers in all the taps

Only a plumber would spend the long weekend replacing all the washers and o rings in the taps in their house!  This is quite a simple process and there are many instructional video’s online that show you how to do this.  I do suggest you are careful with this though, as with any home maintenance.  Just recently, I attended a call out where they had attempted to fix a leak and in their haste, had broken the whole breach.

So there you go, 3 plumbing jobs that I completed over the long weekend.  Of course if you are not a keen DIY’er then give me a call and we’d be happy to help!