Flexible Hose Issues?

Flexible Hose Issues?

Flexible stainless steel braided hose

Having issues with yours?

I was watching the news the other night and they ran a story about the increasing number of stainless steel flexible braided hoses bursting in homes and causing damage. These are quite common in homes nowadays, as they are a very simple and cheap way to update the look of your home.

I have replaced the washing machine hoses in our house with stainless steel flexible braided hose and have also used it to connect our toilet to the water supply in the bathroom.

I haven’t personally witnessed any horror stories of hoses busting and flooding kitchens and bathrooms as described on the news, but I can see how this could happen. Like all things in our homes, regular maintenance is the key.

Hose Maintenance Tips

Here are a few maintenance tips if you have stainless steel flexible braided hoses in your house:

  • Check the hose regularly for any kinks or twists
    This is likely to weaken the hose making it more prone to burst.
  • Check the hose to ensure there are no lose or broken braids.
    If you come across an area of broken braids you may need to consider replacing the hose.
  • Look for any rust spots.
    If you notice rust spots along the braided hose this is another sign that it may be time to consider replacing the hose.
  • Always purchase your hoses from a reputable plumbing supply shop.
    In my opinion this goes for all plumbing fittings and fixtures – exclusive plumbing supply shops are probably not the cheapest option, but I do think that paying bit extra for quality products is worth it.
  • Use the services of a licensed plumber to install hoses.
    Incorrect installation can also impact the life of products.

Turn Water Off

Be aware of where your water mains tap is

In the worst case scenario and you do have a hose burst – make sure you know where and how to turn the water off to your premises.

It does vary between sites, however many of the older homes around Melbourne normally have the mains tap at the front of the garden, connected to your water meter. If you turn that tap off (the one connected to the meter, not the garden tap) it will normally shut the water off to the entire house and hopefully minimise any damage.

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